• Vacuum in Vacuum Furnaces

It is used for the vacuum exhausting of electrical vacuum devices such as permatron, traveling wave tube, gyrotron and klystron.

Main Structure and Operation Mode
Manually loading
Vertical, single head, multiple head
Mainframe and control cabinet are set up separately.

Main Specifications:
Ultimate Vacuum: 1.3×10-7
Baking Box Vacuum: 9×10-1
Operating Space of Baking Box:φ300×100
Maximum Temperature: 600℃
Working Temperature: 550℃
Temperature Uniformity: ±15℃
Pumping Speed: 400L/S
Total Power: 15KW 
Heating Power: 12KW
Heating Method: internally heated

The products can be specially designed to meet the clients’ different demands of effective volume, maximum temperature, ultimate vacuum and exhaust head.

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