Vacuum Gas quenching Furnaces

  • Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnaces


1.Quenching of high speed steel, tool steel, die steel and stainless steel.
2.Solution treatment of stainless steel and titanium alloy.
3.Vacuum heat treatment of magnetic material.
4.High-temperature brazing and vacuum sintering.

There are two kinds of flues graphite flue and metal flue. Graphite flue is often chosen as the material with graphite rod as the heating material. 
The heat screen is generally made of carbon felt and pottery felt. If parts which are to be processed are special parts such as titanium alloy and soft magnetic alloy, the material of heat screen is molybdenum and stainless steel. Temperature is controlled by smart temperature controller and the operation is controlled by program controller.

  • Characteristics

1.Under the temperature of 800℃,circulative fan produces the rapid and uniform heating in low-temperature zone.
2.The structure of heating chamber is arranged scientifically, therefore it is heated uniformly and thermal losses are getting decreased with energy conservation.
3.The new-type carbon composite material could endure high temperature and high pressure shock and it increases the service life of the heat screen.
4.Copper heat exchanger and high-speed fan effectively and rapidly cool the components. 
5.The system is controlled by PLC and touch screen shows the working condition. It is easy to choose the manual operation or the automatic operation. The alarm system responds automatically if the numerical value of temperature, water pressure or air pressure is found greater than setting value.

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